Our Story

Who we are:

Hello all! let us introduce ourselves. We are Anjela and Mitchell Hammond, a mom and son from Northern Ontario. We love healthy whole foods and upon discovering the deliciousness that is buzz, we knew we had to share it. 


It starts with a great hot cocoa...

As a young kid, I was always begging my mom to buy powdered hot chocolate from the grocery store with little to no success. Since I loved hot cocoa so, she began crafting her own recipe with honey and cocoa powder for a healthy alternative and this quickly became a part of my morning routine. Fast forward many years to our discovery of coconut oil and its many benefits; my mom now begins adding coconut oil to the mixture and creates something truly amazing - the first batch of buzz! At this point I was home for the holidays from university and began using her creation for a variety of different things from fondue to smoothies. I then knew we had a real opportunity to start a family business and help others eat better, healthier food without comprimising on enjoyment. buzz is now a staple in our home and we think you'll love it just as much as we do!